About Us, FAQ, & Policies

Mitten Made? What's that mean?
Yes! Mitten made refers to the Great Lakes state of Michigan! We Michiganders often refer to home as "the mitten" due to its resemblance to a hand. Oftentimes, directions are given simply by pointing to your hometown on the back of your hand. We absolutely love our home state!

From Hobby to Profession:

We wanted to combine our love of wood with the love of our home state, hence - Mitten Made Woodcrafts was born.

Cody and I believe in each other, in small businesses, and in the drive to succeed. We believe in recycling, upcycling, and doing our part to minimize our footprint.

We have a passion for building and creating, and a deep urge to travel and explore the beautiful world around us.

This store gives us a chance to reduce our debt, to travel, and to share our experiences with you all. Hopefully, one day it will become a way for us to create a full time living in order to pursue these dreams!

We do our very best to use reclaimed and sustainable woods. This includes reclaimed pine, oak, cherry, bamboo, walnut - anything that others left behind or donate!

We also use bamboo - something we were introduced to recently by a friend. It's a beautiful and strong, ECO-FRIENDLY wood that is utilized for amazing things. Did you know bamboo is made from the fastest growing plant in the world?!

We take these woods and our creativity/love to travel and build products with meaning. We design things around the states and countries we have traveled to and the ones we are wishing to travel to in the future. We create art that reminds us of our old hometowns, and of those feelings you get when re-visiting a place that has shaped you so much. By opening a shop, we can also allow others to purchase these creations and have their own custom wooden artwork with their personal touch.

Why do you create things that aren't state or country shaped then?

That's easy - for those items without the obvious shaped flare, it's the WOOD that matters. Its because it's made from an old barn I used to play in as a kid, or my dad's old shed he tore down, or the remnants of the place's architecture or nature that will remind us of that place each time we make or sell one! It's the bamboo we know is eco-friendly. It's the fun. :) 

Why offer other state shapes and country shapes?

We both moved from Michigan shortly after college for the 'experience' and for a change, but soon realized we dearly missed home. But - we absolutely LOVE to travel and have appreciation, love, and respect for all the states in this great country! Although making things just for Michigan and out of Michigan wood is what we focus on, it didn't complete our vision. By offering other states' shapes and their pride, we share our passion of traveling while still calling Michigan our roots and home - and also taking pride in our country as a WHOLE!

What's great about bamboo again?

Our boards are made with carbonized, beautiful bamboo and treated with FDA approved natural hardeners and conditioners that make it safe and convenient for food and drinks! Did you know bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world? And its STRONGER than hardwood! This means your cutting board is not only incredibly ECO-FRIENDLY, but also STRONG! Care is simple and easy- wipe with a wet cloth (wouldn't recommend washing/submerging)


We aim to give every customer a GREAT shopping experience from beginning to end. Please let us know how we can help you!

** All items are MADE TO ORDER - made just for you!
** most orders have a standard production time of 1-2 weeks prior to shipping.
But! We try to ALWAYS beat our own time to get you your product ASAP!

** All ORDERS ARE SHIPPED TO THE ADDRESS PROVIDED UPON CHECKOUT, no asking to send to other addresses please and thanks!
** Discounts are given for bulk orders!

**All orders are shipped using USPS Priority mail or Fedex for domestic shipping (Within the USA).

** Please double and triple check spelling, placement of icons, etc. 
Otherwise, we will place it in the lower right corner, or in the most aesthetically appealing place we see fit.

** If ordering a wood product, stained wood product, etc- please remember no two items will look exactly the same. Each piece of wood is different, have different grains, take stain differently, may vary slightly in sizing/height/width etc. Remember we are a small business, with every item being HANDMADE and/or finished! 

Bamboo Sizing: 
We offer 1/2" and 3/4" bamboo. The 3/4" bamboo is a caramel color, while the 1/2" bamboo is offered in natural and caramel bamboo. Slight differences in thickness and color may occur, due to uncontrollable variances in the bamboo manufacturing. We are not responsible for any of these differences.  We order our bamboo through a bamboo manufacturer, and create our products from 4 x 8' sheets. Slight variances are normal and expected. 

Other wood sizing: Please contact us for other wood choices/sizing besides what is on this website

Any custom orders made through contacting us via this website or contact us page are final and all policies and info on this website correlate in regards to sizing/coloring/logo placement, etc. 

“Mitten Made Woodcrafts L.L.C. is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by any company whose name or trademarks are displayed on any products made by Mitten Made Woodcrafts L.L.C.  Those trademarks are owned and controlled by the respective company associated with the marks.”